Christa-Bella 26' Mediterranean Wooden Runabout

This pretty 26’ runabout is clearly inspired by the Italian classics found along the Riviera and inland mountain lakes, and with good reason; they’ve just got great lines.

With this new cold molded design we’ve married the best of old with modern engineering to eliminate the structural and longevity issues that plague the old classics. With a modern V bottom, we greatly improve the ride as well.

A curved glass windshield set in a bright mahogany frame sets off a beautifully rolled sheer that blends into a sculpted barrel stern. A subtle lift in the engine hatch bordered with rolled mahogany edges is finished with a two-tone stain pattern. From this point the design can be customized to suit many preferences.

Sun tops, sun pads, swim platforms and other convenience features can be incorporated into the design. A single V8 provides the push and beautiful rumble befitting this new classic from Van Dam.

  • LOA: 26-0”
  • Beam: 7’-6”
  • Draft: 13”, approx.
  • Disp: 3800 lbs, approx.
  • Fuel: 60 gallons, approx.
  • Water: Portable, 5 gallons
  • Power: (1) 300+ h.p. V8