Vixen - 39'5" Torpedo Stern Runabout

In the roaring 20s, captains of industry often went from their homes to their offices by boat. Roads in the day weren’t the best and sharing roads with horses made traffic impossible. A twenty-minute trip down the river or across the bay allowed more time at the office to shape America’s future.

Like in business, this was a competitive game and these moguls had to have the best, the biggest and the fastest boats around. This was the inspiration for our new design. A no holds barred commuter befitting a mogul and somebody who simply must have the very best.

She’s been originally drawn with twin big V8s but like her ancestors, if you want something really gorgeous, even exotic, there’s absolutely nothing like the sound of a V12. Study the images of Stogie (35’) and then add 5’ to her length to get a sense of her size.

This would be a magnificent boat.

  • LOA: 39’-6”
  • Beam: 8’-6”
  • Draft: 22”, approx.
  • Disp: 7400 lbs, approx.
  • Fuel: 150 gallons, approx.
  • Water: None
  • Power: (2) 400+ h.p. V8, (1) 650+ h.p. V12