Big Mouth Charle

A breathtaking blend of beauty, power, and performance!

A customer who demands perfection and a builder known for quality workmanship and an eye for detail – put them together, and Big Mouth Charle sets a new standard of excellence!

Her hull shape is that of a 1920’s era John Hacker design, but modified and modernized to satisfy the owner’s desires. Planking was milled on-site from a single piece of Honduras Mahogany, a wood known for its beauty and strength. The color-matched planking and decking provide a rich background for custom fabricated and highly polished stainless steel hardware and the premium leather upholstery. And nestled in its varnished bed, the custom painted chrome-accented engine lies waiting to provide 502 cubic inches of sheer power.

  • LOA: 26’
  • Beam: 5’11”
  • Draft: 1’6”
  • Displacement: 3000 lbs
Dash Big Mouth Charle Big Mouth Charle’s Custom 502 EngineBig Mouth Charle 2