A well-known designer of runabouts during the first half of the 1900’s, John Hacker’s designs were notable, not only for their speed but for their beauty. Flicker, as well as Mary Ann and Adieu, were designed as fast racing runabouts, living up to the tradition of both speed and beauty. These plans were set aside and never constructed, found again in the late 80’s, and given life at the hands of Van Dam.

However, the construction of Flicker is far different than Hacker had ever envisioned. Van Dam’s modern building techniques assure a boat that is light, yet much stronger and more rigid than could have been built in Hacker’s day. The hand selected wood was expertly fashioned by Van Dam craftsmen into a boat that is second to none in beauty and detail.

Flicker and her two sister-ships (Mary Ann and Adieu) were custom built for discriminating yachtsmen who appreciate the aura that only a wooden boat can provide.

  • Length: 21’ 9″
  • Beam: 5’ 10″
  • Speed: 55+ mph
  • Engine: 305 C.I.D. V8