Current Build

Retro 24' Gentleman's Racer

Victoria Z 3D render.

Victoria Z

Current Build: Exotic High Performance Speed Boat

Sunray 3D boat render.


Current Build: 50 FT Wooden Motor Yacht


Current Build: Cruising Sailing Yacht Design for the Great Lakes.

Catnip boat speeding through the water.


Art Deco Styled Runabout

Chiara on the water.


Contemporary Social Cruiser

Tattler on the water.

Tattler II

Modern 1800s Sandbagger Gaff Rigged Sloop.

Van Dam boat on the water.

Don Don

Contemporary Boat with Exotic Automotive Style.

TT Faith boat on the water.

TT Faith

Mediterranean Luxury Yacht Tender

Susan C on the water.

Susan C

Luxurious 38' Custom Sport Cruiser

My 3 Sons boat on the water.

My 3 Sons

31' Custom Trunk Cabin Launch

Whiplash on the water.


Classic Wood Boat. George Crouch Inspired Early 1900s Racer.

Blue Star boat speeding through the water.

Blue Star

38' Custom Sedan Cruiser

34 Time on the water.

3/4 Time

27' Single Screw Daycruiser

After Three on the water.

After Three

Resurrected styling of 1920's, designed and built by Van Dam


Rough Water Boat. Designed for Big Inland Lakes.

Big Mouth Charlie boat on the water.

Big Mouth Charle

1920s Speed Boat. Vintage Runabout with Hacker Hull Shape.

Gage-Hacker Runabouts on the water.

Series Of Runabouts

Van Dam Designed Runabouts Commissioned by Gage Marine

Chocolate Chip 3 on the water.

Chocolate Chip 3

30' Classic Daycruiser

Flicker boat on the water.


A resurrected design of the 1920s

Alpha Z speeding through the water.

Alpha Z

Exotic Performance Speed Boat

Adieu boat on the water.


Wooden Race Boat of Classic Design

Hells Bells on the water.

Hell’s Bells

A Luxury Cocktail Cruiser

stars echo boat on the water

Star’s Echo

33' Wooden Sailboat - Wood Mast - Keel Cutter Design

Morgana on the water.


Ketch Designed Sailboat

Silvan on the water.


1980 Custom Sailboat

Wooden sailboat with custom trailer.

Best Yet

Sailboat with Custom Trailer

moody blue boat on the water

Moody Blue

A Racing Sailboat

zoo boat on the water


Fast Family Race Boat

Lady Anne on the water.

Lady Anne

Late 1940's Styled Utility Runabout

Patrician on the water.


Daysailer Yacht Sailboat

Geronimo on the water.


Classic Commuter Day Picnic Boat

Pretty Pattie on the water.

Pretty Pattie

22' "Special Hydroplane" Race Boat

Saint Barbara on the water.

Saint Barbara

A Cruising and Racing Sloop

Impshi II on the water.

Impshi II

A Classic Thoroughbred

Star on the water.


A Designer's Own Boat

Madeleine on the water.


A Gold Cup Styled Gentleman's Racer

Nokomis on the water.


Classic Limousine Styled Runabout

Ghost on the water.


Triple Cockpit Vintage Runabout

Boomerang on the water.


A Vintage Baby Bootlegger Replica

feather boat on the water


1974 Sailboat

Luv ‘N It

Classic Limousine Styled Boat

Jacqueline on the water.


A Water-Borne Hot Rod

Cyclone on the water.


A Classic Limousine

Lightning Strikes on the water.

Lightning Strikes

A Modern take on a Vintage APBA Class Racing Boat

Gonzo on the water.


30' Luxury Daycruiser

Pulling boats next to each other.

Pulling Boats

Custom Designed Pulling Boats

Geepy on a trailer.


16' Fishing Boat