Alpha Z speeding through the water.

Alpha Z

Exotic Performance Speed Boat

Small model of boat.


Current Build: Cruising Sailing Yacht Design for the Great Lakes.

Victoria Z 3D render.

Victoria Z

Current Build: Exotic High Performance Speed Boat

Sunray 3D boat render.


Current Build: 50 FT Wooden Motor Yacht

My 3 Sons boat on the water.

My 3 Sons

31' Custom Trunk Cabin Launch

Catnip boat speeding through the water.


Art Deco Styled Runabout

Blue Star boat speeding through the water.

Blue Star

38' Custom Sedan Cruiser

Chiara on the water.


Contemporary Social Cruiser

Tattler on the water.

Tattler II

Modern 1800s Sandbagger Gaff Rigged Sloop.

Whiplash on the water.


Classic Wood Boat. George Crouch Inspired Early 1900s Racer.