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“Every task is tackled mindfully, efficiently, conscientiously.”

Excellence is borne of diligence and care.  Nothing here happens by accident. And it shows.  From the long-range business plan to the weekly shop cleanup, every task is tackled mindfully, efficiently, conscientiously. It’s a philosophy that is embraced wholeheartedly by everyone on the sprawling campus of storage sheds and workshops shared by a service and storage facility and the crew of Van Dam Custom Boats.

And although boats are the company’s product, what is uniquely offered here is an ability, and an eagerness, to work with their customers to produce a boat that is not only tailored to fit, but designed from the ground up as an extension of the owner’s personality. The skill of the crew is complemented by equipment, facilities and a premium waterfront location that allows the elevated craftsmanship of Van Dam to shine.

Our Workshop

The shaping of truly custom begins here. Workmanship – defined as skill and ability – is elevated to legacy craftsmanship as our crew hand cuts the first rib and begins to mill the planking that will form your hull. Traditional tools join state-of-the-art equipment, bringing the Woodshop to life at the hands of our master craftsmen.

Van Dam employees working in the workshop.

Our Metalshop

There is nothing like the beauty of handcrafted metal work. Pieces are created that will perfectly fit your needs, whether functional or cosmetic. Using precise CNC machining, detailed lathe work and hand fabrication, we have the on-site capabilities to produce custom engineered parts for even the most intricate end use.

Rigging Bay

Coming together to create your one of one, all the hand crafted elements of our custom wooden boats are carefully staged for final refinement and installation in our Rigging Bay. Organization affords efficiency…important elements in a craftsman’s toolbox.

Paint & Varnish

Mirror finishes in wood, perfectly varnished mahogany and flawless painted surfaces happen when our crew closes the doors to our environmentally controlled Paint and Varnish Bay. Unmatched skill wrapped in the perfect surroundings affords perfection.

Inside the Paint Shop


Create an atmosphere of friendliness and warmth

Pay attention to every interaction and be sure you’re setting a tone of friendliness, warmth, and helpfulness.

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A Remarkable

From a childhood dream of sailing around the world, to an adventure with his new bride (an accomplished sailor in her own right), Van Dam Custom Boats is born from simple beginnings and a tenacious spirit.

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