Italmas is a world-class cruising design tuned and tailored for her owner to enjoy sailing the Great Lakes. She combines distinction with grace resulting in a traditional take from Stephens Waring Yacht Design that squarely pays homage to yachts of the 40’s and 50’s.

The yacht exudes “classic” — the hull seemingly born from restrained overhangs and subtle tumblehome, an elliptical transom and a traditional bulwark detail. The cabin trunk and hard dodger continue a theme in spare elegant styling that somehow yields a softening touch to the eye by the mix of strong camber and elliptical shaped details in the corners of the superstructure elements.


  • LOA: 44′
  • Beam: 12′ 6″
  • Displacement: 23,500 lbs
  • Fuel: 60 gal
  • Power: Yanmar SD/53hp



Hand fabricated and polished support pieces for mast
Gorgeous stainless parts for mast
Custom vanity installed in bathroom
Storage shelves in V berth
More custom panels installed in lounge
Planing beautiful layers before epoxy

It’s a team that joins the pieces at at the seams for final assembly. Watch here…


The fuel tank for is becoming quite a beast

Final planking being glued in place for the cockpit combing

Crafting the support brackets for the arch

Satin varnish on intricate hull lines

Kitchen coming together nicely

Metal shop at work on water and fuel tanks

First permanent cabinet for galley is in

Cabinetry pieces going together

Mainsheet arch structural support

Cockpit coaming laminating jig

A few of the cabinets going in

Expanding foam insulation being added to surround icebox

A perfect start to refrigeration on board

Seating area at the helm is shaping up nicely

Shaping the cockpit structure

So much sanding of parts

Creating the mold for the seatbacks

Cabinets for the galley being meticulously assembled

Galley is coming together nicely

Interior details positioned as mockups for adjustments in planning

Foam core mockups allow for pre construction adjustments to design

Laminating the keelson

First layer of planking

The crew lays another layer of planking

Dave and Chad fasten the final layer of planking

Vacuum bagging the hull

Everyone helps roll the hull over

Almost upright

A side view computer rendering

A computer rendering of the interior

Company president, Ben Vam Dam, atop Italmas securing her as she is hoisted to move to her winter quarters

Teamwork is rewarded with a perfect fit