Pretty Pattie

Formerly Mary Ann

This 22’ “Special Hydroplane” began life sometime before WWII on the drawing board of John L. Hacker. For reasons we’ll never know Hacker never finished her plans, but rolled them up and set them aside.

Decades later her unfinished plans were discovered and completed by Frederick Ford N.A. of Harbor Springs, Michigan. In 1988 Ford and two other businessmen came to Van Dam to build them each a copy. And so Flicker, Mary Ann, and Adieu were launched the following spring.

In keeping with the modest power available to Hacker for a boat like this, all three were mildly powered with a 200 h.p. small block. Performance in such a light hull was spirited and perfectly acceptable – for these three men.

Mary Ann was sold to a gentleman with extensive racing experience, and seeing more potential from this little design, he brought her back to Van Dam with a clear mission in mind – massage her into something much more potent. Her name changed – and Pretty Pattie was born.

The mild small block running gear and steering were ditched, and a hopped-up Mercury HP 377 Scorpion was lowered in. A totally re-engineered driveline and steering system to handle this power was fit and her dash was revamped to include a full compliment of gauges to monitor the Merc.

Today, Pretty Pattie is best described as a “surfboard being shot out of a cannon”. She personifies … thrilling and now prowls the waters of Lake Leelenau in Michigan’s beautiful Leelanau Peninsula. On a calm morning, and with the Merc growling, she’ll light the water on fire.

  • Built: 1989
  • LOA: 21′-8″
  • Beam: 5′-8″
  • Disp: 1950 lbs. Max Load
  • Fuel: 30 Gallons
  • Power: 390 crank shaft h.p. Gas
  • Speed: 70+ mph

The launch of Mary Ann in 1989.